Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive?

If you work at a desk or use a home office, you likely sit in an office chair numerous days each week for hours at a time. Picking out an office chair can leave you faced with a big decision since you will use it often. Chances are while searching for office chairs you have found that they are actually very expensive. 

Office chairs are expensive because they are built to last and made from dependable materials. Cheap office chairs are not as expensive because they are not built with quality in mind. Good office chairs provide ergonomic support and comfort while looking aesthetically pleasing in your space. 

You now know the different features that alter the expense of nice office chairs, but you may still be wondering how each aspect of a quality office chair affects the cost and whether or not it is worth it to pay a high price for a good chair. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about the benefits of investing in your office chair. 

Why Do These Features Make Office Chairs More Expensive?

The main things you want to look for in an office chair are the same features that are going to make the office chair more expensive. However, you do not want to skimp on the following factors, or you will probably find yourself replacing your cheap office chair sooner than later. 

  • Quality materials that are built to last
  • Ergonomically sound support
  • Stylish design
  • Adjustable and customizable sections

Quality Materials and Manufacturing

The manufacturing process for office chairs comes with higher standards. A good office chair will last years before you need to replace it.

However, longevity does come with a cost. Quality materials like leather, vinyl, and comfortable padding will cost more, but they will add comfort and stand the test of time. 

Ergonomics and Support

Having an ergonomically sound design for office chairs is important. It adds comfort and helps with posture to prevent back pain.

The main reason this adds cost is that an ergonomic design is more intricate and takes longer to manufacture.  

Stylish Design

Like any other piece of furniture, there are many different designs and styles of office chairs. Customers want their office chairs to look good with the rest of their décor.

An aesthetically pleasing design leads to a longer manufacturing process and the use of better materials, which drives up the price.

Adjustability and Customizability

Most office chairs have adjustable height and tilt. More expensive models offer other adjustment features like armrest height, seat depth, seat width, and the ability to recline. Footrests, headrests, and lumbar supports are also included.

There is a lot of ingenuity and expense that goes into designing these features. You can get a cheap chair that offers none of the comfort and adjustability you need, but you will be miserable after a few hours.

An Office Chair is an Investment

When picking out an office chair, it is important to remember that you are making a long-term investment. This is a product that you will use for many hours a day over several years.

When looking through these features, decide what is most important to you. It will likely be worth spending more money to get the right chair for your needs.

How Much Should You Pay for an Office Chair?

Your budget, your needs, and how much you plan to use your chair all factor into how much you should pay. For a quality office chair, you will generally have to pay at least $200, but they can range up to $2,000 depending on the features and the materials the chair is made out of. Here is a chart that shows what you will get for each price range. 

Chair CostQualityMaterialsDurabilityAdjustmentsWarranty
$100-$200PassableMeshDecent1-21-2 years
$200-$400GoodMesh / fabric / leatherAverage2-32-5 years
$400-$700Very GoodFabric / leather> Average2-3Limited
$700-$1,000High-EndFabric / leatherExcellent3-5Limited
$1,000+Highest-EndHigh-quality leatherExcellent3-5+Lifetime

As the price increases, you will get better quality materials, a longer warranty, and more adjustments. Generally, the best price range for most people’s needs will be in the $200-$400 range. Otherwise, if you are looking for a higher-quality chair, the $400-700 price range can be a good spot. Anything over $700 is considered to be high-end.

Why are Leather Office Chairs More Expensive?

Leather is a high-quality material with a luxury look and feel that many people want in an office chair. Leather is also very durable and will last for many years without showing much wear. All these qualities drive up the price of leather chairs, but many people feel it is worth the cost. 

Are High-End Office Chairs Worth the Cost?

High-end office chairs can be worth spending $700 or more if you have the money. Expensive chairs have features that help with comfort, performance, and durability. The more money you spend, the more features you get. 

Design can also be an important feature that makes people feel that it is worth paying more for an expensive chair. Certain styles of chairs cost more, but many who like that look will pay for it. Since a chair lasts a long time, it can be worth paying for the look that you want. 

These more expensive chairs can also last 10 years or more since they are made from the best materials. This can lead to a lower cost per year, making more expensive chairs a better investment. 

What are the Best Office Chairs for the Price?

Below are a few of the best office chairs available for purchase on Amazon. These six chairs are highly rated and reasonably priced. 

  • Ergousit Ergonomic Office Desk Chair: This chair costs about $320. It features design adjustments to the seat height, tilt, headrest, and armrests. It will keep you cool with its breathable mesh design, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Steelcase Series 1: At about $395, this lightweight chair is great for smaller office environments. It features adjustments to the seat height and armrests and has an ergonomic system that will fit a wide range of users. 
  • WorkPro Quantum 9000: This lightweight mesh chair was designed with ergonomics in mind. Its lumbar support feature works to support the natural curve of your back, keeping you comfortable while working. It costs about $316. 
  • CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair: This is a great chair for those with larger and taller body types. It is fully adjustable and ergonomic. It has a reinforced steel base and a 5-year warranty. This chair costs about $210. 
  • Boss Office Products CaressoftPlus Executive Chair: With a simple yet elegant design, this office chair is a great deal for about $200. This stylish chair features durable fabric and an ergonomic design to keep your back at a natural angle.
  • Allezol Ergonomic Office Task Chair: Coming in at about $300, this is a roomy chair that features a wide back design and larger headrest. This customizable chair is ergonomically designed to fit those with larger shoulders.


Office chairs can be expensive, but you get what you pay for. A good chair is expensive because it has intricate designs with many customizable features that make the manufacturing process time-consuming. If durable materials are used, this will add to the price, but it will also add longevity. 

Like any other piece of home furniture, you want your office chair to look and feel good. If you work eight hours a day in your chair, it needs to keep you comfortable. Picking out a design you like that is made from quality materials will prove to be a worthy investment for many years.