How to Use an Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Ergonomic mouse pads support your wrist to allow the fingers a more natural position. Used for preventative care and relief of wrist fatigue, ergonomic mouse pads are good to use for anyone who spends several hours a day at a computer or has a musculoskeletal or arthritic condition.

Using an ergonomic mouse pad is good for the health of your wrist and hands. People suffering from arthritis and other conditions could benefit from the use of an ergonomic mouse pad. There are several ergonomic products available to consumers.

Choose an Ergonomic if You Are a Heavy Computer User

If you sit at a desk all day and type, chances are you could benefit from ergonomic features to be added to your workspace. Small, repetitive movements have an effect on your musculoskeletal system over time. 

Office workers, construction workers, and janitors have been known to develop musculoskeletal disorders after years of service. Repetitive movement wears a muscle down. 

Ergonomic mouse pads are used to help reduce some of the fatigue associated with prolonged use of a computer. Hands and fingers are used for nearly everything, so it’s best to prevent any deterioration however possible. 

For anyone already suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel, using an ergonomic mouse pad can also help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort that accompanies using a computer mouse.

Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Sufferers May Find Ergonomic Mouse Pads More Comfortable

Some people are more prone to arthritic disorders due to genetics, but others will develop them with repeated use of a body part.  

Using an ergonomic mouse pad can prevent and reduce the symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel in the hands and wrist, by keeping the wrist elevated and parallel to the table’s surface during mouse use.

Carpal tunnel occurs when the median nerve, located in your wrist, palm side, becomes pinched or squeezed. It causes weakness, pins and needles, and numbness in the fingers and hands. Proper treatment and preventative measures will help reduce the severity of carpal tunnel symptoms. 

Things that irritate the median nerve such as rheumatoid arthritis or a fracture may cause the carpal tunnel to narrow. Reducing the amount of muscle fatigue and small, repetitive movements in the fingers, hands, and wrists by using an ergonomic mouse pad can be more comfortable for people suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel.

Purchase a Good Quality Ergonomic Mouse Pad for Best Results

Mousepads vary in quality and price. Ergonomic mouse pads run from a few dollars to over $20. They are generally covered in soft fabric. It is best to purchase a mouse pad with a thick, durable fabric covering. The repeated movement against the pad and cushion causes wear and a stronger fabric covering will prevent fraying or tears.

The cushions of ergonomic mouse pads are most commonly made of gel. They are made to support and redistribute some of the pressure and tension associated with using a mouse. 

Ergonomic mouse pads can also be from memory foam or special crystals or beads. Some ergonomic mouse pads come with adjustable pads to adjust the height as needed for ease of use. 

Always read customer reviews before purchasing a product online. Customers will leave valuable feedback on the product you may intend to buy. It may be of poor quality and not hold up in the long run or be uncomfortable to use — you never know what you’ll get without being able to feel and see it on your own.

Test Run an Ergonomic Mouse Pad Before Purchase If Possible

It is best if you can purchase your ergonomic mouse pad in person rather than online, this way you can try the mouse pad out before committing to the purchase. Pretend to use a mouse if one if not provided in the store. 

Feel the cushion and see if it is a comfortable long-term resting spot for your wrist and check the quality and thickness of the fabric covering. If the mouse pad causes you to stretch or use your hand at an awkward angle, try a different one.

While shopping in person, you can also try out different cushion options. Try the different types and decide if you prefer the feeling of memory foam, gel or beads under your wrist. Ask yourself if each specific type of cushion keeps your hand and wrist in line with the rest of your arm and which is the most comfortable to use.

Use an Ergonomic Mouse Pad Following a Few Simple Steps

An ergonomic mouse pad has a cushion to elevate the wrist while scrolling and clicking. The mouse pad’s cushion will help reduce and alleviate wrist and hand fatigue. Using an ergonomic mouse pad is pretty straightforward. Always make sure you are sitting facing your computer with good posture. 

To use an ergonomic mouse pad, keep your wrist on the cushion part of the mouse pad with your hand palm side down. Hold the mouse in your hand and move it around while keeping your wrist positioned on the cushion. You can easily keep your wrist in one spot while using a mouse by not moving your wrist, only your hand, and fingers.

Using an ergonomic mouse pad helps keep your hand and wrist in-line with the rest of your arm. The cushions of ergonomic mouse pads help reduce the amount your hand and wrist have to move up and down. This technology allows users to lessen the amount of stress and tension in the muscles of the hands while using a mouse.

Care for and Replace Ergonomic Mouse Pads as Needed

As with any computer component, your mouse pad will require some basic care, repair, and replacement. Some mousepads have a hard surface and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Simple dish soap or glass cleaner is safe to use to clean these mouse pads.

Other mouse pads are coated in fabric and will generally have to be replaced when they age beyond use. The fabric can be cleaned, but typically not removed and spot cleaning is only effective for so long. 

All ergonomic mouse pads can have their cushions wear out or develop holes in the plastic or fabric casing. Only use your ergonomic mouse pad for as long as the cushion is supportive and the fabric is not uncomfortable or interfering with your ability to properly use the mouse pad and its cushion.

Office and Computer Workers Can Benefit Greatly From the Use of an Ergonomic Mouse Pad

If you work at a computer all day long and suffer from fatigued hands and fingers, an ergonomic mouse pad is an awesome choice for you. These mousepads are designed to keep your wrist and hand parallel to the table surface, preventing and relieving pressure and tension, specifically in the wrist.

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