Are Curved Desks Bad for You?

Over the course of the couple of years, many workers learned a new office environment of working from home. Creating an ergonomic work environment from your home office is about creating a workspace to fit to your body. When considering a desk shape, there are benefits to a curved desk such as good posture, aesthetics, and space requirements.  

Curved desks are not bad for you. In fact, curved desks offer many features that are good for you. When considering a curved desk, keep in mind the space you intend to use the curved desk in and learn how to use the shape effectively.

Want to learn more about the benefits of a curved desk? We’ll talk about the benefits, the options you have, and possible downfalls to watch out for, so read on!

What Are the Benefits of a Curved Shape Desk?

There are many benefits of curved desks. Whether you are considering a curved desk for your home office or your workplace office, the curved design can be more ergonomic and increase your workflow. 

Benefits of a curved shape desk include:

  • A better view. A good view always helps with work production. If you feel confined, your work may reflect it. Curved shape desks allow for a panoramic view.
  • A curved desk occupies less space. If your home office or workplace office is small, a curved shape desk is a good fit (no pun intended). Curved shape desks take up much less space and offers flexibility for the desk placement.  
  • Curved desks aid in good ergonomics. Let’s face it, a typical day for most workers is well above eight hours. Curved desks help improve posture, reducing stress on your body. Stiff neck, sore back, a curved desk may be the right choice. 
  • Aesthetics. Curved office desks are viewed as contemporary. This style may give off the impression you are with current trends. Curved desks create a space of more “Feng Shuai”. “Feng Shuai” promotes an appealing space. 
  • Some options of curved shaped desks can be extended: Need more workspace? Some curved shaped desks offer the ability to extend it. It may be a simple pull-out shelf at the end of the desk, or something larger and more fixed to the curved shaped desk. 

Ergonomics: Why Curved Desks Are Better

Another thing to look for in a curved shape desk is the primary “reach zone,” which is a way of describing how much your body has to lean to work.

  • An average maximum primary reach zone should not extend more than 15-17 inches.
  • Secondary reach zones are zones for reaching without getting out from the seat. A secondary reach zone should not extend beyond 17-30 inches. 
  • The outer reach zone is the space where standing or stretching from the office chair to reach things is required. Outer reach zones should not be more than a range of 30-44 inches.

Curved desks typically have a much more comfortable, and accessible, primary reach zone due to their design.

Are Curved Desks an L-Shaped Desk?

Many people confuse L-shaped desks with curved shaped desks. Curved shaped desks are not the same as an L-shaped desk. Many companies promote a curved shape desk as an L-shape desk, but there are differences still.

Here is the difference between a curved and L shaped desk:

  • Curved desks are actually curved. The circular design is a true curved shape desk. An L-shaped desk is just that, it mimics the square patterns like the letter “L.”
  • Curved desks offer safer and smoother aesthetics. Curved shape desks offer smooth lines, not linear lines connecting at a corner.  Some curved shaped desks come in patterns of multiple colors, which is a great option for aesthetics and style. 
  • Curved desks are usually easier to build. Curved shaped desks often come with less fasteners such as screws since the shape of the desk is typically comes in one piece, unlike an L-shaped desk. 

There are also hybrid versions of all types. In the end, it comes down to whatever fits your space best.

Additions to a Curved Desk

Like most desks, curved shaped desks come with great options to enhance your workspace. They may come straight from the manufacturer or can be found as a standalone addition piece.

Some of these options include:

  • Credenza’s. Credenzas with a curved shape office desk offer more workspace. Depending on the shape of the credenza, it can be an additional desk joined with a curved desk. 
  • Filing Cabinets. Many curved desks come with built in filing cabinets underneath. If you need a place to file documents, a curved shape desk with a filing cabinet is a good option. 
  • Bookcases. Bookcases can be added to the curved shape desk design. Bookcases not only offer more storage space, but also can enhance the work environment aesthetics. 
  • Storage Space. Due to the smooth design and the elongated form of a curved desk, storage space is typically a common feature of a curved desk. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Curved Shape Desk?

  • The amount of space. Small spaces are generally good for a curved shape desk. However, if the space is exceedingly small, a regular square desk may be a better option.
  • The environment. Curved shape desks are great for receptions areas. The offer a welcoming perception due to the fact curved shaped desks offer more of a view. 
  • Cost. Curved shape desks can be a bit pricier than a standard rectangle or L-shaped desk. Because of the design, the price tag can be a bit more.  

Tips for Buying a Curved Shape Desk Online

Between the internet and office furniture stores, consumers have many options for buying a curved shape desk. If you are looking for a curved shape desk, take note of tips to make your purchasing experience better online. 

  • Reduce Costs: Depending where you look to purchase a curved shape desks, some internet sites offer promotions or reduced costs to office furniture stores. Other things to consider for cost is the features that come with a curved shape desk. A basic curved shaped desk will cost less. Most quality curved shaped desks can add to the overall cost.
  • Convenience: You can save time by ordering online. Skip the lines and the face mask and enjoy the comforts of shopping from your couch.
  • Practicality: You don’t have to drive anywhere, saving you money spent on burning gas while running around shopping for a curved shaped desk.
  • Environmentally Friendly: If your workspace does not allow for a full size desk, a portable laptop curved shape desk may be a great option. 

Possible Downfalls for Buying a Curved Shape Desk Online

Of course, buying things online isn’t always a peach. Here are some of the biggest downfalls to watch out for when buying large furniture like a desk online:

  • Cost of Shipping: Some internet companies do not offer free shipping. When ordering a curved shape desk, keep in mind, free shipping is important. Due to the weight of the desk, shipping costs be over a hundred or more dollars. 
  • Installation: Not a fan of reading instructions? Desk ordered online typically require installation. Bags full of small screws and missing parts can end up being a major headache. 
  • Damage: A lot of companies purchase their inventory from over sea’s. Considering the number of miles, a curved shaped desk may travel, damaged products can be common.
  • Product does not look like picture: That mahogany looking curved shaped desk may end up looking more like a cheap pine. It is important to shop at websites that offer multiple photos of their curved shaped desks. 


Curved shaped desks are not bad for you. In fact, they offer many benefits from a standard rectangle or L-shaped desks. If you are considering a curved shape desk, make sure to research the overall features of the curved shaped desk. The workspace, cost and ergonomics are important factors to research prior to purchasing a new desk.