WFH Overload is an internet blog created by Hamid Tahir. The vision of the blog is to teach people about working from home. This includes the home office setup, office and workspace equipment and a lot of other related topics. The posts on this blog contain information including reviews, guides, and answers to common questions.

At WFH Overload, we strive to provide help and value for our readers with their home office setup and working from home experience. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the area and are continuously improving our own home office setup. The knowledge that we deliver stems from a combination of our personal experience and expertise, field research and interviews, and original experiments.

“We are committed to helping people find the most productive and comfortable home office and work from home setup.”


I decided to start this blog late in 2020 after so many people had to transition to working remotely from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I noticed that a lot of the tech related questions that people had when setting up a home office were not answered or consolidated in one place.

Having a lot of experience with home workspace setups and a strong technological background, I decided to create this blog as a part time hobby. I work as a software engineer at my day job and am currently working from home as well so I really come with experience for the things I discuss in my blog.

My plan for the future of this blog is to start an accompanying YouTube channel once I see that their is interest in the topic. I hope to grow the audience for this blog organically from people finding this blog through relevant Google search queries. This way, I know that I am answering people’s questions when they come to my website.